About the Blog Author

helen-carter I am very glad to see you, dear blog visitors!

My name is Helen Carter; I live in Texas and now run a blog about finances and Forex. The main task of the blog is to increase general financial education and to teach personal finance management.

After graduating from the Yale University, I definitely realized that finance – is my element! Now I’m already 37 years and I recently decided to start blogging!

The motto of my blog is «The concept is simple! Awaken the genius!»

The most relevant topics can be found here: Personal Budget and Family budget (how to prepare and to plan your finances, keep their records, distribute, for which it is needed, and so on); Banks (how to work with banks, how to establish the bank mutually beneficial partnerships, how to choose the banks and their products); Earnings (all sorts of ways of earning, traditional work, active and passive income); Investments (all on investment and the creation of capital), Financial Management (all about how to increase revenue and cost optimization, financial psychology, etc.) and, of course, Forex and trading.

I plan to announce those publications, which, in my opinion, may be of most interest to you. I will be glad to see each of you among my readers!

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