Auto Finance calculators

Auto Finance calculatorsAre you curious if you can afford a new car, especially considering that no one knows how high the price of gas may rise? If you would like to get an idea of the payments that new car will require, you can easily use simple online tools that will give you the basic information before you visit the dealer, so you already know what your financial picture looks like ahead of time.

The Dodge dealer listing cars for sale in San Diego has a nice little tool that allows you to put in the purchase price of the new vehicle you are considering as well as any rebates available. Include the value of your trade-in vehicle and its payoff amount, if applicable. Local sales tax rate also needs to be included in the final calculations. You can play with such factors as your downpayment and the interest rate offered by various financing options in order to get the monthly payment amount for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 year auto loans.

Tools like this can give you a pretty good idea of the payment to expect, although they don’t include license, emission, and other fees such as this. Knowing how much you can afford for a monthly payment helps you to keep your expectations reasonable before you get your heart set on a particular vehicle, only to find that the payments will stretch your finances. The potential danger is that some consumers may be tempted to go for that vehicle they fell in love with anyway. Considering the gas price increases, we can all expect our overall automobile costs to increase, so it would be prudent to keep auto loan payments lower than we think we can afford, in order to offset likely increases in the price of fuel.