Back to black

Back to blackWouldn’t it be great if we could spend our lives with our bank account always in the black, with no shortage of funds and always being able to afford what we need?  Impossible of course, but that doesn’t mean that it makes it any easier when our cash is going in one direction and we are going in the other.  Being in the ‘red’ is not always a pleasant experience and if you don’t have facilities like overdrafts etc. then you can find yourself struggling.

Gone are the days when we all had a pot of savings to draw from.  It’s hard enough surviving and paying the bills without having excess to put away for a rainy day. You must have been in the situation yourself when you have had a good month, put money into the post office or something similar (preferably not under the mattress) and then found the next month you have had to take it out again to top up your malnourished bank account.

So what on earth can we do when we are rapidly going into an overdrawn situation and payday seems like a long time coming?  This is when short term loans from sites like can be a great help.  Most of us have access nowadays to the internet but if you don’t, get down to your local library, get online and look up ‘short term loans’.  You are likely to find a great profusion of companies offering this type of service, but be careful which one you choose.  If a short term loan is offered it really has to be ‘short term’ and it also has to be ‘fast’.  If it does not fulfil both of these categories then best to look elsewhere.  Companies like Wonga do tick the boxes as far as these two criterions are concerned and if you look at a few reviews for the company you will have added peace of mind.

So how can a short term loan – which is actually borrowing money – help you get back into the black?  Surely borrowing money cannot be a solution to your cash deficit problem?  Well here is one way that a short term fast loan can help you.  First of all there are no credit checks so from the time to you applying to getting accepted is minutes not days, weeks and months.  Secondly the money will be in your nominated account also within minutes.  You may find this surprising if you are not used to these types of ‘quick cash’ loans but it really does get to your bank the same day and usually within minutes.

So you have now gone from red to black but how do you stay that way?  Well when you take out the loan with Wonga or a similar company you have to agree a payback date.  When you plan your budget for next month you must plan this in.  Pay it back on or before the agreed date and you are still in the black with no nasty monthly instalments to worry about.

Be smart with your cash and you really can be in the black more often!