Credit blog review

CreditThere are TONS of credit card sites that allow you to apply online for credit cards. Some of them give good side-by-side comparisons or offer services to unique markets that make them stand out. However, we’ve found another interesting and, from what we have seen, quite useful, approach by a website offering credit cards.

This website includes an in-depth blog as part of their services. The posts that feature particular cards are useful in that they detail all of the information on a particular credit card offer and also explain exactly what kind of applicant would receive the most benefit from a particular offer. There is a notation if the card requires very good credit in order to be approved, saving time for unqualified applicants. Some cards provide special benefits for people living or working in a particular city.

However, we especially enjoyed the blog entries with general credit information. The explanations were easy to understand and the issues covered were those that affect many consumers. For example, does your spouse’s late payment affect your credit? (It can if you have a joint account, otherwise no.) Is it a good idea to have back-up credit cards? (It depends … especially on how you apply for them.) What is piggybacking? What exactly is encoded in that magnetic strip? Can I just keep applying for free initial interest cards and transferring the balances? There were dozens and dozens of informative articles on topics like these in the blog, and we found it to be quite useful and informative.

There is even a bit of humor on the blog (although admittedly we wouldn’t feature how to make a prison shank from a credit card, even if we were joking). However, the main benefit is in the large quantities of information that help with topics such as building a good credit score, managing debt responsibly, and understanding how the credit industry works. Overall, we really enjoying visiting their blog, and can recommend it to our readers.