Credit card resources – Motley Food

The Motley Food offers useful tools for comparing credit cards for use by online consumers. Credit card offers are arranged by major incentive type. Would you prefer a 0% balance transfer to lower the interest on a high interest card? Or perhaps you plan to put a number of transactions on a new credit card within a short period of time, and would prefer 0% on new purchases? (Better yet, you may want to select a card that offers both, if you can make that work to your advantage.)  For many consumers, simply having a lower standard APR makes more sense if you use your credit card at a steady rate and carry a balance.

Whether any of these, or some other form of incentive, is your preferred choice, you can search from among credit card offers that include your particular best incentive option. Easily compare such important features as standard APR for each card, any loyalty incentive details, the interest rate on balance transfers and new purchases (and deadlines), as well as other relevant information to help you easily choose the credit card that best suits your personal financial needs. Credit card resources Motley Food

Be sure to take advantage of the informational links as well, such as the explanation of which consumers can benefit from a lifetime balance transfer card. (Companies interested in keeping those customers which tend to flit from one balance transfer deal to another as they expire are offering a flat low rate on balance transfers until the debt is repaid, making life much simpler for you if you have been switching credit cards every time the initial period expires.)

Once you have decided which card is the best for you, you can easily apply for a credit card from the chosen offer directly from the Motley Food website, which will link you to the card issuer’s site with a single click.

Check this video to find out more about what credit card is and its resources: