Microfinance – General introduction


The Generate income for the Poor Fund (GIPF) is a unit of the Microfinance and Community Development Institute. Its management and governing board is independent from the microfinance and community development institute. Its operation and its financial management are managed transparently and independently from those of the microfinance and community development institute.

Vision statement

The vision of GIFP is to build an equitable society by becoming a leading Social Microfinance Institution in Vietnam to provide best finance services and non finance services to the poor and low income households in Vietnam. Microfinance General introduction

Mission statement

The mission of GIFP is to work with, and for, the poor and low income people to realize sustained improvements in well-being through the provision of microfinance and complementary non-financial services in an honest, efficient and sustainable manner. One part of the profit that gains from its operation will be returned to the society.

Microfinance Objectives:

To develop a network of centers providing described services for selected populations that are:

  • Community-based
  • Convenient
  • Variety of products and Services to meet clients’ demand
  • Sustainable

The range of services provided has been designed:

  • to supply relevant and quality financial services and products
  • to support the development of productive and financially solvent small and medium enterprises
  • to increase the generation of livelihood activities and employment
  • to increase income for households
  • to generate a culture and habit of savings among populations served
  • to support the habit of saving for children’s education as an important investment decision
  • to develop sound and relevant business knowledge and skills in the communities served
  • to create communities of learning to help individuals and communities to transform their quality of life.

Check this video to learn more about what microfinance is: