Home Grown Workers

Ariel CorporationWright says the company has a strong, non-union work force, totally committed to running a very clean and efficient facility. Ariel has a 250,000-square-foot plant in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and a smaller plant of 60,000 square feet, about one mile away.

Ariel is one of the largest employers in rural Knox County, Ohio. The county has about 50,000 people, about 15,000 of whom live in Mount Vernon.

Wright says the company’s workers are highly skilled, and the company has improved its efficiency through manufacturing. “There’s a tremendous amount of cross-training,” she adds. “That way workers know how to do numerous job tasks and can cover for each other when needed. We try to give everyone in the company as much industry market information as possible so there is a depth of understanding about operational changes in response to market changes. This keeps everyone on board and avoids the ‘mushroom’ syndrome. There’s a good understanding of what is going on outside the factory as well.”

Much of the company’s management is homegrown – many people in management started on the machine floor and rose to management ranks. Consequently, the company offers excellent benefits for its employees as they are both highly trained and highly valued.

“When you combine all these things: an excellent work force, cutting edge manufacturing, innovative design and service and support second to none, you have a company of which everyone who works there can be proud,” the company says.