Invenergy LLC

Invenergy LLCThe winds of change in the energy industry seem to be originating from the Windy City. Not only did Chicago produce President Barack Obama – who has pledged to invest in clean and renewable energy – but it is also the home of Invenergy LLC. Since its inception in 2001, Invenergy has become one of the leading firms in clean and renewable power generation in the United States.

Invenergy is at the forefront of reinventing America’s power grid, developing wind power generation and other forms of renewable electricity across the country. With more than 2,000 megawatts’ (MW) worth of wind generation projects currently operating and more than 450 MW under construction, Invenergy is one of the top-five wind generation developers in North America, according to the American Wind Energy Association’s 2008 annual report.

What’s even more impressive about the company’s accomplishments is that it has risen to its current position as a privately held firm. Senior Vice President of Development Jim  Shield says the company is the largest private wind power developer in the United States, which gives it advantages over its publicly held competitors.

The company is looking forward to the Obama administration’s energy policies, because the federal economic stimulus package aims to provide significant resources for clean energy projects such as Invenergy’s Grand Ridge wind farm in northern Illinois. Once the economy recovers, Shield says, the wind energy market will likely continue to grow and generate jobs in the United States.