Make Profits of Old Stuff

Make Profits of Old StuffBecause of lower income, debts and instable economy some people have started “the savings mode”. According to, each American adult owes somewhere between $6,800 – 7,000 of credits. Credit Card Companies require almost incredible interest rates, like 14%, which sometimes equal to thousands of dollars being lost annually.

If you are one of those people, you were probably thinking of different ways on how to reduce current expenses. Surely, couponing, shopping for sales, cutting out budget, decreasing utility bills do work, but you won’t believe your eyes, when you find out that Americans make thousands of dollars by… selling their old stuff.

Old phones, clothing from high school times, pair of broken skies, set of dishes, old vinyl records, wooden boxes, books, magazines and many other useless things, which were being hidden in the garage or basement.

One useful tip: sell everything that hasn’t been used for a long time, at least for 5 years or so. These items are never going to be used again, so don’t spare this trash. When it’s done, it is time for sale.

Selling at online auctions

Here you have several choices of different online stores, like Craigslist, Amazon and eBay. The last two stores help providing effective managing of your sales. Signing up and registering the bank account are easy and fast. Better protection may be provided for individuals, either selling or purchasing antiques and vintage items, jewelry or so. Select the price for necessary stuff and make shipping process as fast as it’s possible.

Garage Sales

Dealing with things online might be less convenient for people, who hadn’t had any experience in it before. But now people manage to perform various things without leaving home. They get cash loan via Internet when lack money, buy some urgent when cannot find it at stores. So, online services afford people buy and sell most everything.

As well, if you’re trying to get rid of stuff quickly, there’s another doable option: making a garage sale. It would be very appropriate to let neighbors know about your event, so don’t be afraid to put advertisings for it in your local newspaper. Items should look clean and nice with price tags on. Some of eclectic appliances should be tested in front of customers to make sure everything is working well, so use plug-ins for this. Note that donating some of your profit for charity will decrease taxes, which might be even better than having lots of cash.

Thrift and consignment shopping

Old brand clothing, found in your closet that still does look nice can be sold to consignment stores. Thankfully, the world fashion like vintage style and those shops would most likely accept at least some of mom’s flower printed dresses or your long skirts. Try different places to find the best deal on your clothes for earning as much money as you can. Don’t consider it’s going to be hundreds of dollars, however even $20 are still money. Meanwhile, you’re looking through possible options, don’t forget to ask sellers, if they provide people with cash or store credit. Unless you are fine with shopping in this kind of a store, credits wouldn’t work for you.

Part time jobbing

Remember yourself, being 14 and having your first own money earned? Kids like the idea of getting cash and be “independent” from their parents. Mowing lawns, babysitting, tutoring, cleaning, washing cars… All these jobs could be done by you at weekends or free time. Don’t be afraid to announce your services to everyone you know: at work, to friends or during social activities. You might consider this very shameful, however if you’re in serious trouble and need to get rid of debts, never miss a chance for some extra job.