Mortgage Brokers vs. Lenders

Mortgage BrokersThere are two types of mortgage suppliers a consumer may shop with when seeking a mortgage. One is a mortgage lender. The lender provides money to the borrower at closing, in exchange for the borrower’s promise to pay, and a lien on the property in case the loan is not repaid. Mortgage brokers, on the other hand, do not lend money. Instead, they work as an independent contractor and offer loans to the borrower from a number of different lenders. In general, the broker will solicit clients in the market for a mortgage and provide them with offers from different lenders and counsel them on the selection of a mortgage. They may also offer counseling to help the buyer qualify for a mortgage, will take the consumer’s application, and usually process the loan for the lender.

Consumers will usually receive better rates by dealing with a mortgage broker rather than a lender, because the broker will be able to offer the terms from a number of lenders, allowing the consumer to select the best deal available at that time. Also, they can specialize in helping consumers with particular needs, such as those with a poor credit history.

With internet access, this process has never been easier. For example, consumers can apply to get a loan with Centrro, a company with an online network of brokers and lenders, just by filling out a simple one-page form and submitting it, then waiting for several competing lenders to contact them.

This is similar to credit card comparison sites. In fact, some of the same loan networks carry different types of loans. You can also get a credit card with Centrro, and the company will soon be including personal loans in their service as well.