Mortgage resources

Mortgage resourcesI have been familiar with the “Motley Fool” information services for some years, and they offer sound advice on a lot of financial topics. Mortgage information is one of the areas they offer especially helpful tools for consumers conducting online research into their personal finances and mortgage options in the process of making decisions.

Helpful articles and calculators guide those seeking mortgages to information that will help you make the best decision. For example, if you wish to know how much you can borrow, by entering you and your partner’s monthly income you can receive a general estimate. If you want to know how much a particular mortgage amount will cost, you can enter the mortgage amount, the term, and interest rate and see how much the interest will cost each month, and the amount of payment required for a repayment mortgage.

For consumers seeking mortgage quotes in the UK, the side-by-side comparison chart of current offers makes evaluating the various lenders easy. Initial interest rates and subsequent rates are calculated to form a cost comparison between lenders, including detailed relevant information regarding arrangement fees and early repayment charges as well as the maximum percentage value allowable for financing. Links allow the consumer to inquire of the listed lenders directly from the Motley Fool website. Various mortgage types have their own comparison list, such as buy to let mortgages, fixed rate, offset, and others, depending upon which will suit the particular consumer’s needs.