Spanish Credit Cards

Spanish Credit CardsSometimes the language barrier can make it difficult to take advantage of information and opportunities online. Even if we study a foreign language for several years, we are not normally taught enough financial terms to be able to make sound decisions. Translation programs may help, but often they further confuse matters and are better suited for providing humorous errors than they are for evaluating matters that affect your financial future. This is one of the reasons we feature a site that has translated the most relevant information for the benefit of English-speakers who have moved to Spain.

When seeking Tarjetas De Credito Espana, English-speakers can view the translated page listing the details of almost a dozen Spanish Credit Cards. One of the advantages of the site is the table listing a clear comparison of all of the most relevant features of a variety of cards, allowing the consumer to quickly decide which card best suits their particular needs. One may easily view the APR, rate for balance transfers, annual fee (free), and other relevant information. Along with all of the pertinent information, we found it especially helpful to note that the basic rewards description is also featured for each card. More detailed information is a single click away for cards with more complex reward structures, which makes the information easy to access without cluttering the main table with too much data.

We liked the ease of comparing main features, and then being able to consider the rewards in order to make a final decision. The rewards bundles were appropriate to the title of each card as well. For example, the women’s cards offer discounts in perfume stores, shoe stores, hairstylists and salons, etc. while the family card offers discounts on housewares, furniture, and do-it-yourself stores and travel cards offer discounts of hotels and dining.

The website also provides a secure application process, providing you with an additional savings of time by allowing you to apply directly for your credit card online. However, you will need to be able to read or translate the Spanish on the application page. Here, though, the terms are easier to understand and any errors in translation will not have the potential negative impact that could occur by misunderstanding the credit card’s terms.

Overall we found this a helpful service offered by this site, and hope they will continue to translate other pages and make the minor adjustments necessary on the newly translated pages to further enhance ease of comparison.