Why you cannot clear your debt

Why you cannot clear your debtThe life is near to hell when you are in debt, and after doing hundreds of efforts, you still can”t clear them. Well, this is the case of many. It’ s not any matter of surprise that everyone wants to enjoy the life out of debt. Everyone wants to be in the state, where he/she can spend good and after spending, can save good every month. The interests on debt and EMIs make everyone to go into the immense sadness.

There are many people who can clear their debt, but their poor habits are making them to not to clear their debts. Let’s have a look that why you cannot clear your debt.

You just don’t care for the future

Yes, this is the main problem with you. You just don’t care about your future financial position. All you are happy in by paying interest of debt in time. You have no intentions of controlling your expenses and to clear loan amount in small steps. Probably you are waiting for a miracle, a miracle that is never going to happen.

You have poor spending habits

You may live a life in debt for always, because of your poor spending habits. You wish for something one day, and buy that the next day. You cannot control on your expenses, cannot save money, and hence can’t clear your debt.

You like show-off

You are probably a kind of person who likes to do show-off. Who likes to  build ‘fake’ social status. You just do care for the society and your image in that. You are in high debt, but still live a life as you are the richest from all in your connection. Your show-off does not allow you to think about the ways of clearing your debt.