Wireless Landlords

WirelessWith the advent of the growing network of cell phone service providers and carriers, there is a new opportunity cropping up for many landowners to easily earn lease income.

Cell companies are leasing land (or in some cases, space on top of buildings) on which to erect cell towers, paying the owners a lease fee in consideration. The industry promises to be one involving a lot of flux, however, especially recently as a number of cell service providers merged and so eliminated some newly-redundant towers at the same time as areas under service have grown exponentially, so we have seen some opportunities fizzle while others increase.

If you have considered leasing space to a cell service provider, or would like to approach one for the sake of making lease income, first learn all you can about the industry in its current state. You may also want to consider seeking information and/or help from an advocacy group dedicated to cell tower leasing. A number of programs are offered, including rent continuation programs that will continue to pay your lease rentals in the event the lease is terminated without cause.